Mobile Solutions

DigitApp is a mobile media company that provides integrated solutions of Mobile Entertainment, Mobile Solutions, Mobile Marketing and Voting.

The Company develops, markets and distributes digital content, applications and interactive services to mobile users in partnership with major mobile operators and new media company.

DigitApp offers cutting-edge content for the world consumer (B2C), developing solutions for third parties (B2B) and providing its advice in the Voting and Co-marketing.

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The strong growth of smartphones has changed consumer behavior: the way they communicate, shop, play games,
read news and react to advertising and marketing.

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DigitApp collaborates with major Italian broadcasters to build a partnership of interactive services such as televoting, Quizzes, opinion polls and the Inbox


DigitApp acts as an enabler to support third-party who want to be using the mobile channel as a means of communication and marketing to develop mobile campaigns end-to-end.

DigitApp offering a variety of services ranging from ...

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